Jay's Nostalgic Homepage

Once upon a time, I struggled trying to figure out what I would do with this page.

One day, while browsing through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I found my old Geocities page.

For those of you who don't know, Geocities was "THE" free webhosting provider back in the day - before Yahoo bought them... and ran them into the dirt.

Anyway, I stumbled across my text-blinking, background-midi playing site, and thought: "Wow, I remember when I was learning to put all this together!"

That was it, that's all it took. I now know what I want to put on this site.

All that being said, if you've read this far... well, firstly you need to ask yourself why?!

...but then you need to click the link below to enter the site.

Why do you need to click a link to enter?

Because that's just how we did it back in the day Ok? ... now don't ask questions...

Just click the button to...

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